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CBD Capsules 900mg (60 x 15mg)

These CBD capsules contain 900mg CBD. 60 capsules with 15mg CBD each. Tasteless, odourless and THC free. Buy CBD capsules from Ireland’s best online CBD shop.

  • CBD Capsules Per Bottle | 60
  • CBD Per Capsule | 15mg
  • Total CBD Per Bottle | 900mg


Product Description

Hempwell CBD Capsules 900mg (60 x 15mg)

These 900 mg capsules may be ideal for you if you’re searching to purchase CBD capsules. Some CBD users who use it for pain, sleep, or other issues may choose CBD capsules over CBD oil because they provide a more comfortable form of administration. With its portability and ease of use, it’s no surprise that this product is a top seller in our subscription service. Each capsule includes a precise amount of CBD oil, which is made from hemp plants grown on our European farm and then extracted in the EU.

CBD can assist users in controlling anxiety-related behaviors.

CBD and A1 capsules may have medicinal advantages.A2

Those with persistent discomfort may benefit from taking CBD capsules.

CBD capsules with 900mg CBD. Each capsule contains 15mg CBD. 60 capsules per bottle. HempWell CBD capsules are tasteless, odourless and THC free. Pure CBD goodness.


Very Simple CBD Dosage

To provide you complete control over your CBD dosage, we correctly dispense our organically cultivated CBD into each of our CBD capsules. You can have a more comfortable manner of absorbing dietary supplements by selecting to purchase CBD capsules, which may be favored by certain CBD users. The fact that our subscription program has CBD capsules, which are a very popular item, makes your CBD journey even simpler! There are a variety of strengths available in 750mg, 900mg, and 1500mg, so there is something for everyone. The top online CBD store in Ireland has them all available for purchase.

Only CBD, good for the environment

Our CBD capsules are non-GMO and contain no additives or heavy metals. To assure quality and consistency, we routinely have third parties test our CBD dietary supplements. Our organically cultivated CBD, which is sourced from our farm in Europe, is contained in each CBD capsule. Also, we only use EU-certified seeds to cultivate all of our hemp plants. Although organic hemp cultivation is difficult and expensive, we think it’s worthwhile. Our seed-to-shelf strategy allows us to track our products all the way back, which gives us confidence in their high quality. Thus you can trust on quality when you purchase CBD capsules from Ireland’s top CBD store.

A Great Option for New and Existing CBD Users

CBD capsules are used by some users to treat pain, while others take them right before bed to promote sleep. Hearing from customers about their experiences using CBD makes our work at HempWell Ireland worthwhile. Capsules are a fantastic way to begin your CBD adventure, whether you’re a new or seasoned CBD user. Consider our selection of CBD pills as a method to add CBD as a supplement to a diversified diet and healthy lifestyle if you’re wanting to take CBD capsules for sleep or have other special issues. Here at the top CBD store in Ireland, we have created an incredible selection of FSA-approved food supplements, so there is something for everyone.

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900 mg


60 pcs


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