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Cibdol CBD Capsules 20%

The 20% CBD capsules offer 32mg of high quality Cannabidiol produced in the Swiss laboratories of Cibdol.


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Product Description

With the advent of high-quality, high-grade CBD oils, such as 20% or 30% oils from CIBDOL laboratories, 20% CBD capsules could be produced in their Swiss laboratories, renowned for their quality and technology.

As usual, CIBDOL offers 20% CBD capsules from organic European hemp crops, without traces of pesticides or heavy metals. Using the healthiest and most qualitative means of extracting CBD today (Supercritical CO2), the CBD-rich hemp extract present in the products of the CIBDOL range offers all the cannabinoids, terpenes and natural and original flavonoids. In order to enhance the action of CBD, an addition of hemp terpenes is incorporated into the production.

These 20% CBD capsules allow you to enjoy a stronger intake of CBD (32 mg per capsule) throughout the day. Each box consists of 60 ‘Softgel’ capsules, for a total of 1920mg of high quality Cannabidiol. Recommendations for use are 1 to 3 capsules per day, depending on your needs, and with meals.

Very practical and available in a transport box, they are made of olive oil and a hemp extract rich in CBD. Easier to use than CBD oil, they have no taste or smell, and are very easy to swallow with a large glass of water, thanks to their small size.

Completely legal in France and Europe thanks to a total absence of THC, you can take them anywhere you want.

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