Enecta CBD Lip Balm

Enecta CBD Lip Balm brings you all the forces of nature to preserve and protect your lips: CBD, vegetable oils, vegetable butters & vitamins


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Recognized for its involvement in the development of hemp in Europe, ENECTA cultivates its own biomass, in an entirely natural way: no traces of chemicals, pesticides or other heavy metals. In order to maintain an intact quality of CBD, combining all the strengths of hemp, Supercritical CO2 extraction is used. It is this quality CBD that is used in CBD lip balm.

Give your lips what they crave with CBD Hemp Lip Balm from Enecta. Natural cannabinoids and a zinc oxide protector, combined with beeswax and well-known anti-oxidants tocopherols, will instantly revitalize the delicate skin of your lips to make them healthy, soft and ready to smile and kiss !

CBD lip balm is an ideal product for those who want to find healthy lips, regardless of the various internal and external aggressions they may experience. Many of you have told us about the many possible uses of this balm, depending on your needs (relief of chapped skin, burns, herpes, etc.).

The CBD used by ENECTA is a full spectrum CBD: it contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes that can be found in hemp, in order to support and strengthen the action of CBD. Of course, no trace of THC is present there, to comply with French legislation.

You can find in each balm, 50 mg of CBD.

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