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BIOACTIVE CBD Pills 30 x 5mg

With BIOACTIVE CBD Pills 30 x 5mg. Enjoy the CBD in the form of lozenges to let melt under the tongue: mint, mandarin or verbena!


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Product Description

Find BIOACTIVE 5mg (Cannabidiol) CBD lozenges: a way to enjoy CBD without having to use oils or hard-to-swallow capsules, while adding a fruity and pleasant taste.

Made entirely in France, these delicious lozenges can bring well-being and relaxation to your body very quickly: the bioavailability of CBD in this form is, according to several studies, much longer and stronger. Produced in an artisanal way thanks to an exclusive cold pressing process, they only contain natural products from French organic farming.

They are available in several flavors, such as mint, lemon verbena and tangerine, and are made from organic acacia: organic and vegan, they do not contain traces of sugars, chemicals and other solvents, and are rich in magnesium.

These BIOACTIVE 5mg CBD pastilles use perlingual absorption to diffuse the CBD through your body: they are deposited under the palate, and are allowed to melt gradually in order to diffuse a rapid and effective effect. Several studies have highlighted this mode of absorption: it is more effective than that of oils or fatty capsules.

Each of them contains 5 milligrams of CBD, so you can enjoy your daily needs in a precise, convenient and tasteful way.

Of course, these lozenges do not contain traces of THC: they are therefore completely legal in France and in Europe. Thanks to their packaging and conservation, you can take them anywhere you want.

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Licorice, Mandarin, Mint


30 pcs


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