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Capsules CBD Joints Inflammation FLEX

Capsules CBD Joints Inflammation combining several natural ingredients such as acerola and white willow, enjoy the benefits of CBD reinforced by other molecules to support its action on inflammation and on the joints.


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Product Description

The Capsules CBD Joints Inflammation FELX adapted for inflammation or joint problems perfectly combine several active ingredients that nature has made available to us to relieve these feelings. Acerola, white willow, and of course hemp and CBD, are the main components of these CBD capsules.

The CBD-rich hemp extract used in this product offers the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids found in hemp: they thus enhance the action of CBD, and support it while also offering many benefits. The Natureight laboratories which designed these CBD capsules use a unique and extremely efficient extraction process: unlike other CBD producers, the hemp extract containing the latter does not undergo heating above 72 ° C. Thus, this makes it possible to conserve a greater number of hemp components and therefore allow a stronger action.

In order to strengthen the action of CBD on inflammation and joints, Natureight laboratories have also integrated into these CBD Flex capsules different molecules from nature which are recognized for their beneficial actions on inflammation and joint problems. :

White willow: widely recognized for its use in herbal medicine, it helps fight against inflammatory pain or pain from rheumatism
Ponytail: this is a plant that has been used for many years by different peoples for its relieving properties on joint pain
Cat’s claw: from the rainforest, it helps strengthen your immune system, and was widely used by the Incas for its action on inflammation
Acerola: this is one of the great fruits that has shown all its benefits in recent years, particularly thanks to its high content of vitamin C, and its toning properties.
All of these different ingredients also strengthen the presence of vitamin D in each capsule: it is known to help maintain bones in normal conditions and help muscles function normally.

Each capsule of CBD Flex Inflammations / Joints contains 10mg of CBD, so you can precisely dose your daily CBD need. Very practical in their boxes adapted to their conservation, you can also transport them where you want, to enjoy the CBD wherever you go, without any particular taste.

Of course, this product does not contain THC: it is therefore perfectly legal in France and in Europe.

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