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Capsules CBD RELAX Stress

The RELAX CBD capsules offered by NATUREIGHT combine several plants with CBD to relieve your anxiety or stress.


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Product Description

With Capsules CBD RELAX Stress offered by Natureight laboratories

Benefit from what nature has created best for you to relieve and reduce your stress or anxiety: passionflower, lavender, hops and of course Cannabidiol.

NATUREIGHT laboratories master their production range from seed to finished product: the hemp used to extract their CBD is organic and is cultivated with respect for nature. Thanks to their low-temperature-based CBD extraction system, their Cannabidiol-rich hemp extract is one of the purest on the market: it has not been subjected to strong heat during its extraction, which allows it to contain l ‘all the active ingredients of the plant: cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

To be able to enhance the action of CBD, these RELAX CBD capsules also contain other active ingredients from plants, which are recognized for their benefits on stress and anxiety all over the planet:

Passionflower: it contributes to rest and restorative sleep, and helps relieve those who feel tired. It is also used to regain calm after a strong moment
Hops: the second plant with hemp in the Cannabinaceae family, hops are recognized for their de-stressing and calming action, but also for their action on nervous or irritable people.
Lavender: it is the anti-stress plant par excellence, used for its contribution to nervousness and strong states of tension

By finding, in addition to these natural compounds, 10mg of CBD per CBD RELAX Stress capsules, you will be able to combine all their actions to find serenity and well-being. Of course, these capsules do not contain THC / they are therefore perfectly legal in France and Europe.

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