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CBD Capsules DREAMS Natureight

Difficult or hectic nights? Sleep disturbed and not restful enough? CBD Capsules DREAMS designed by NATUREIGHT laboratories allow you to take advantage of the best nature has to offer to repair your sleep: hops, valerian, CBD and passion flower.


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NATUREIGHT is one of the most recognized European laboratories for the mastery of its production, from the hemp seed to the finished product with CBD. Their hemp is cultivated in a completely organic way, on fertile soils and free of fertilizers or pesticides. Thanks to a CBD extraction process that does not use high temperatures, NATUREIGHT DREAMS CBD Cápsules contain all the strengths contained in hemp, without deterioration of active ingredients: cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

To strengthen the action of Cannabidiol, these capsules contain a natural combination of plant extracts known for their effects on sleep:

Hops & Valerian: by combining these two plants, you activate receptors located in the brain, which naturally manage nervous activity and sleep.
Passion flower: recognized for its action on excited and nervous people, it also helps restore calm after a moment of intense activity.
Each of these capsules contains 10 milligrams of high-quality CBD: you can use and transport them wherever you want. Of course, they are THC free, and therefore legal all over Europe.

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