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CBD Tablets 300mg with Vitamin D (30 x 10mg)

CBD Tablets 300mg of CBD with Vitamin D.

30 CBD (10mg) and vitamin D (25µg) food supplement tablets.

Our 10mg CBD tablets are easy to swallow and allow for accurate dosage. Each tablet also contains 25mg of Vitamin D3. Vitamin D is vital for the body and is produced naturally through exposure to sunlight.

10mg CBD per tablet, totalling 300mg of CBD per bottle in 30 tablets.


Product Description

CBD Tablets 300mg with Vitamin D (30 x 10mg)

Each one of Hempwell premium pills has 10mg of CBD, as well as a variety of additional compounds that give our tablets the uniqueness that we are proud of. Give your morning routine a new lease of life by including CBD into it, in addition to the vitamins we currently provide in our HempWell pills. Check out our CBD Capsules if you need a greater dose.

4 Carefully Balanced Combinations

Hempwell products all contain the goodness of CBD, however our pills also provide additional advantages to help kickstart your day. Having trouble getting a good night’s sleep? Try our specially made Sleep Aid CBD pills, which are packed with 5-HTP and dreamy lavender to help you naturally drift off into the restful sleep that we all require after a hard day. Are you exhausted?

Try Hempwell Immune Support CBD capsules and breathe new life into your day with vitamin C and zinc supporting your immune system. Alternatively, if you’re feeling drowsy, it could be time to get some more vitamin D into your system – and what better way to do so than with our Sun and CBD pills, which also include pure CBD. Of course, you may always stay with the tried-and-true and integrate our standard pure CBD capsules into your morning routine. The decision is entirely yours.

Hassle-free CBD Dosing

Our CBD pills are ideal for people who do not want to make a fuss about their CBD regimen. Each premium tablet has exactly 10mg of CBD, making it simple to organize your CBD intake throughout the day. Our pills are also available in compact, discrete bottles, making them convenient to carry with you when you leave the house and providing you with an extra dose of CBD as and when you need it. If you want to experience the advantages of CBD in the most convenient way possible, try our CBD pills.

Vegan CBD Tablets

Aside from the Sun & CBD Tablets, all of our tablets are vegan, including Sleep Aid, Immune Support, and Pure CBD! Don’t let your diet limit your CBD journey; everyone deserves to experience the pleasure that our premium CBD is certain to deliver.


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