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Cibdol CBD capsules 10%

Find the benefits of CBD in easily transportable 10% CBD capsules, in order to dose your CBD intake precisely, without taste and even during your travels.


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Product Description

Cibdol 10% CBD oil, one of the best known and reputable in Europe, is finally available in its 10% CBD capsule version. Cibdol CBD comes from European hemp, grown and harvested organically, without adding pollutants or heavy metals. Thanks to its supercritical CO2 extraction, the quality of Cibdol’s CBD products is well established.

With these CBD capsules, you can very easily and in all circumstances provide your body with your daily CBD needs: tasteless and odorless, very easy to ingest and above all precisely dosed for each of these 10% CBD capsules.

Each capsule offers 16 mg of Cannabidiol (CBD), for a total of 960 mg of Cannabidiol in each box, one of the most advantageous prices available on the market, with one of the best qualities available on the European market.

Using organic olive oil, CBD is absorbed by the body under the best conditions. Each box contains 60 capsules, or 960 mg of CBD in total.

These 10% CBD capsules remain an effective solution for all those who want to be able to use CBD discreetly, allowing them to precisely dose their daily CBD intake, while having the possibility of being able to take their CBD intake on trips and other trips. Cibdol offers 16mg CBD capsules here, in order to be able to provide your body with minimal doses of CBD but also to be able to cover a larger intake, via CBD capsules 10% smaller and therefore more easily dosed.

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