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Enecta CBD Capsules (30 x 33.6 mg)

ENECTA CBD capsules provide you with 33.6mg of CBD: a large dose of CBD that can be used easily


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Product Description

To be able to consume CBD no matter where you move or where you are, ENECTA CBD capsules are perfect: you can take them wherever you want, and enjoy a precise intake of CBD by mouth. Made from organic Italian hemp, it offers all the strengths of this wonderful plant.

The hemp cultivated by the ENECTA company to make these capsules is completely natural: it does not contain any traces of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or other heavy metals. Then the plant is extracted in a Supercritical CO2 machine: this is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly technique to be able to extract all its strength from the hemp.

Each ENECTA CBD capsule contains 33.6 mg of CBD: you can thus provide your body with a high dose of Cannabidiol, allowing it a general distribution thanks to its oral use. Using a full spectrum extraction, the CBD offered by ENECTA also contains the other cannabinoids, but also all of the original terpenes and flavonoids of the hemp plant.

Containing no traces of THC, these CBD capsules are completely legal in Europe and France.

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