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Fall aSleep CBD Capsules Cibdol

Do you want to take advantage of the combination of Melatonin and CBD? Discover CIBDOL Fall Asleep CBD capsules to sleep better!

  • Melatonin and CBD
  • Suitable for sleep disorders
  • Swiss quality


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Product Description

Fall aSleep CBD Capsules

Find a peaceful sleep thanks to Cibdol's Fall Sleep capsules

In the current context, the quality of our sleep is put to the test, and many French people find it difficult to fall asleep at night: staggered work schedules, daily stress, hectic pace of life... If you aspire to find a good night's sleep, sleep to finally feel fit during the day, Cibdol's Fall Asleep CBD capsules are made for you!

Sleep like a baby with Fall Asleep CBD capsules

When you want to fall asleep fairly quickly, you have to adjust to your body's circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is the name given to the process controlled by the sleep hormone, melatonin! In a capsule, and more practical than ever, this exclusive Méladol formula allows you to reach the arms of Morpheus much more easily!

In what situations can I take Fall Asleep capsules?

Cibdol Fall aSleep CBD Capsules are the ideal solution for anyone who has difficulty falling asleep, or suffers from poor sleep quality (waking up at night, etc.)

If in the past, the well-known formula of CIBDOL, Meladol oil, could present some difficulties regarding its dosage, this disadvantage has been eliminated by taking the initiative to create soft capsules. Each capsule contains 2.5 mg of CBD, as well as melatonin (1.5 mg). It can then act on our body to restore its natural circadian rhythm!

Therefore, there are many advantages to consuming Fall Asleep capsules:

Its consumption is greatly simplified thanks to its absence of taste and smell.
You don't have to worry about its dosage.
They are very discreet, and will easily fit into a supplemental routine if you already have one.
How does melatonin affect sleep?

Specifically, the body needs melatonin to know when to go to sleep or wake up. Melatonin levels depend on exposure to light, and it is for example when the sun comes out that our melatonin levels decrease.

On the contrary, its rhythm increases at nightfall, because it corresponds to the moment in which the body must rest. Unfortunately, melatonin production can be easily disrupted (overexposure to screens, blue lights, etc.), which inevitably leads to difficulty falling asleep.

To help get your body back on track, Fall Asleep capsules help you fall asleep faster!

A natural solution for better sleep

Each capsule contains a predetermined dose of the Meladol formula, a high-quality blend of CBD and melatonin.

Perfect to add to an existing supplement, or as a simple sleep aid, Cibdol Sleep capsules are characterized by the use of high-quality ingredients, which will help you fall asleep better in a totally natural way.

By trying Fall Asleep capsules, give your body a little boost for restful nights – better quality sleep is just one capsule away!

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