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BOTANEO CBD Balm for Dogs

CBD Balm for dogs

by Botaneo is the most suitable way to provide your dog with the benefits of CBD for his skin.


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Product Description

The CBD balm for dogs offered by BOTANEO laboratories allows you to take advantage of the benefits of nature and science to give our four-legged friends a soft and silky skin.

Thanks to its unique combination of CBD from European hemp, organic coconut oil and beeswax, this balm can be used in different ways and for several needs: to repair, nourish or hydrate the skin, but also protect damaged or dry areas (such as pads that can be damaged, cracked elbows, etc.)

Very easy to use, its ultra-melting and nutrient-rich texture allows you to apply BOTANEO CBD balm for dogs even in the most difficult areas. You can use the balm as a daily comfort cream, also allowing a moment of massage much appreciated by our friends the dogs!

The exact composition, in addition to CBD, of CBD Balm for Dogs is as follows:

Shea butter: used since the dawn of time for the skin of humans and animals, shea butter helps protect the skin by depositing a thin protective film on damaged or dry areas

Coconut oil: the most widely used vegetable oil for skin care by many civilizations, coconut oil provides the epidermis with essential fatty acids essential for its suppleness and softness. It also contains vitamin E for its antioxidant action

Beeswax: present in many creams and balms, it is recommended especially during winter to relieve dry skin.

Of course, this product does not contain any traces of THC, so it is perfectly legal in France and throughout Europe.

Use, Composition, Information and downloadable documents of CBD Balm for dogs
You can find in the different tabs above (Use, Composition, Information and Documents to download) the various information available on this product regarding its use, its content, its information and also the analysis certificates and related documents.

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30 Grams


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