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Cibdol CBD Oil 2% for Dogs

With a formulation specific to dogs, 2% CBD oil for dogs and cats from Cibdol is the first oil with ingredients suitable for our four-legged friends: fish oil, vitamin E, protein, etc.


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Product Description

Like us, our animal friends are receptive and very sensitive to the intake of CBD. After trying and testing many brands of specific CBD products for animals, which provided no additional benefits than those used for humans, we are proud to be able to offer you the Cibapet formulation from Cibdol: CBD oil 2% for dogs and cats.

Many veterinarians in America, and increasingly in France, recommend CBD for pets. We already told you about it in these two articles: this one but also this one.

Adapted and created especially for animals, Cibapet products are the only ones on the European market to offer specific compositional features adapted to mammals.

In order to bring all the benefits of CBD to animals, 2% CBD oil for dogs and cats offers here a formulation comprising a complete extract of CBD, a fish oil suitable for animals, vitamin E which helps to maintain a healthy coat and strengthen the immune system, and protein and fiber to strengthen the general health of your four-legged friend. With a formulation specific to the needs of a cat or a dog, this oil will allow you to provide a greater daily dose of CBD than the lozenges also offered on the site.

As usual, Cibdol offers a complete extraction of CBD, offering all the cannabinoids except THC, but also the original terpenes and flavonoids of hemp, to offer its maximum effectiveness. Extracted with Supercritical CO2, CBD from Cibdol is recognized as one of the most effective formulations on the European market.

By using a plastic, malleable measuring bottle, you can get the desired amount of CBD under your pet’s tongue without risking injury.

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