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CBD Gummies 300mg (30 x 10mg)

Use Ireland’s best CBD shop to buy CBD gummies 300mg. Each gummy is packed with 15mg of broad spectrum CBD. Sweet, vegan and THC free. There’s no better way to enjoy your CBD fix!

  • 30 gummies per pot
  • 10mg CBD per gummy
  • Fruit flavoured, apple, pineapple & strawberry
  • For use as and when required
  • Easy to monitor intake
  • Vegan


Product Description

Hempwell CBD Gummies 300mg (30 x 10mg)

We are confident that HempWell CBD candies 300mg are the best CBD gummies in Ireland. Also, these tasty full spectrum CBD gummies are entirely vegan. Three excellent CBD gummy flavors are included in each jar. With a precise amount of broad spectrum CBD in each gummy, this product is not only a terrific way to get your CBD fix—also it’s a great method to control your CBD intake. They are thus excellent for first-time CBD consumers. Yet, in our experience, longtime CBD supporters also adore them. You may easily purchase CBD gummies online by using our CBD shop, or you can stop by one of our retail locations to taste a sample.

A dietary supplement containing CBD, such as CBD gummies, may reduce anxiety-related behaviors and enhance sleep quality.

Adults with chronic pain may benefit from ingesting CBD gummies, which may augment treatment by the potential anti-inflammatory characteristics of CBDP1.

Each of these 300 mg CBD candies contains 15 milligrams of broad spectrum CBD. Yummy, vegan, and free of THC. There isn’t a better way to satisfy your CBD craving!

Luxury CBD Food Supplements

Everyone should have access to high-end, premium CBD products, in our opinion. This is why we only sell FSA-approved CBD food supplements like our CBD gummies in our Ireland CBD store. For consistency and quality, third parties routinely test our CBD edibles and dietary supplements. HempWell CBD gummies are a popular food supplement among CBD users. If you’d like to purchase broad spectrum CBD gummies but have questions or concerns, get in touch with us; we’re happy to help. Each delectable CBD gummy comes in one of three flavors—strawberry, apple, or pineapple—and contains a carefully measured amount of CBD. With 2 strengths to choose from, 300mg or 750mg, there’s no better place to buy broad spectrum CBD gummies than right here in the HempWell Ireland CBD shop.

CBD Gummies are Great for Everyone

You might want to read our client testimonials if you want to know what others have experienced when using CBD gummies for pain, sleep, or any other issue. Although it’s important to keep in mind that all dietary supplements should be used as part of a varied diet and healthy lifestyle, the sugar in CBD candies can also be a fantastic energy booster. If you’re new to CBD, buying CBD gummies is a wonderful alternative because each one contains a controlled amount of 15mg or 25mg. Our CBD candies are available in a fine glass jar with a high-quality chrome cover, making them a wonderful present for a friend or family member. In our CBD shop you’ll find competitive prices on all of our CBD food supplements, offering great value for money.

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