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Cibdol Aczedol – Acne Cream

Combined with other natural and organic active ingredients, ACZEDOL offers you a natural solution to fight acne in addition to CBD.


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Product Description

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been cited for several years as a very effective active ingredient in combating Acne Vulgaris, caused and secreted by the sebaceous glands. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties on sebocytes, it helps reduce and deeply eradicate the various genes of acne. Cibdol Acne Acne CBD Cream from Cibdol is a perfect natural compromise:

Containing high quality CBD from organic Swiss hemp crops, ACZEDOL offers a combination of different active ingredients such as ursolic acid, myricetin, and many more, to be used as a cleansing face cream, with recognized anti-inflammatory properties, very effective against inflammation causing pimples and pain.

ACZEDOL is effective against all types of acne: hormonal acne in adolescents, but also severe adult acne and acne rosacea. It helps rebalance the hormones that cause sebum eruptions, by stimulating certain proteins responsible for these inflammations. It also allows better healing of traces of acne.

Using a liposomal formula as usual, CIBDOL uses liposomes which function as small transport boxes for the active ingredients in order to allow them to be involved in the tissues of the human body three times more efficient than normal.

Without any traces of GMOs or chemical fertilizers and other additives, ACZEDOL remains the natural solution to CBD to fight against acne.

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