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Bubba Kush CBD Flowers 100 Gr

Bubba Kush CBD Flowers with their spicy coffee aroma and an exotic scent with earthy touches, Bubba Kush CBD Flowers will seduce the most demanding customers! Coming from a variety recognized across the Atlantic, this Indica-dominant product comes from an open-ground and 100% organic culture.

  • Greenhouse culture
  • Average CBD Level
  • THC level <0.2%


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Product Description

Bubba Kush CBD Flowers

A hybrid variety, Bubba Kush CBD flowers is the result of a subtle blend of the Bubble Hum cannabidiol flower and the Kush flower: the result is an incomparable flavor, with aromas of coffee and exotic fruit with earthy touches.

With a THC level of 0.2%, the Bubba Kush CBD flowers is perfectly tolerated by law: it has dense and compact buds, as well as purple leaves that testify to its high exposure to the sun.

The Bubba Kush CBD flowers has an average CBD level (around 4%), and can therefore be suitable for all types of consumers. Its hemp taste is not very pronounced, and will therefore not disturb the palate of consumers who love sweet flavors.



Additional Information


100 Grams


-0,2 %




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