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Harlequin CBD Flowers 100gr

Harlequin CBD Flowers directly from Swiss agriculture, Harlequin CBD flowers have the most delicious aroma and have previously been carefully selected. They have a regulatory THC level of less than 0.2%, which makes their marketing perfectly legal.

  • Indoor cultivation
  • High CBD rate
  • THC level <0.2%


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Product Description

Harlequin CBD Flowers

With its woody, earthy aromas and slightly sweeter notes, Harlequin CBD flowers are an essential product for seasoned lovers of cannabidiol products.

They come from an underground culture, which means that they were able to benefit from optimal conditions for their development, being preserved from the weather or from possible predators.

On the other hand, Harlequin CBD flowers adapt to all types of CBD consumers. They can indeed be ingested in the form of an infusion, but can also be incorporated into pastry recipes. This product can also be consumed by vaporization, for almost instantaneous effects!

It is also possible to consume CBD Harlequin flowers by combustion, but this method is not recommended, as it is aggressive for the lungs of the consumer.

Take advantage of a B2B rate

To support you in the development of your business, we allow you to benefit from particularly advantageous "wholesale" prices, even for your purchases in small quantities.

In other words, the more you buy large quantities, the lower the price per gram, which is ideal for making your investment profitable!


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100 Grams


-0,2 %




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