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Orangello CBD Flowers 100gr

Coming directly from Switzerland and the result of indoor cultivation, our CBD Orangella flowers are characterized by a particularly fruity aroma and citrus notes that make them particularly tasty. With a high level of CBD, they will delight cannabidiol users, even the most seasoned!

indoor culture
High CBD rate
THC Level <0,2 %


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Product Description

Flowers CBD Orangello Very strong in CBD

CBD Orangello flowers guarantee your customers an experience that is as powerful as it is refined. They are perfectly marketable, since they have a THC regulatory level of less than 0.2%.

They were cultivated exclusively in an environment conducive to their correct development, which explains their particularly pronounced taste and smell. Although the appearance of the CBD Orangello flowers may appear dense and resinous at first glance, they will reveal a flavor reminiscent of freshly squeezed oranges, much to the delight of citrus lovers!

CBD Orangello Flowers are especially recommended to combat feelings of stress, and also help to relieve certain daily pains.

With its unmistakable aroma and high CBD content, CBD Orangello Flowers have everything necessary to seduce the most demanding CBD consumers.

To make marketing this product quickly profitable for you, we allow you to benefit from particularly advantageous prices, thanks to B2B prices. These prices are decreasing to benefit you the most if you wish to order a large quantity of this product!


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100 Grams


-0,2 %




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