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Tsunami CBD Flowers 100gr

Tsunami CBD flowers  Directly imported from Switzerland, our CBD Tsunami flowers are the fruit of cultivation in the open ground, and are distinguished by their woody fragrance and delicate citrus notes. With an average CBD level, they will delight the taste buds of all cannabidiol lovers!
  • Greenhouse culture
  • Average CBD Level
  • THC level <0.2%


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Product Description

CBD Tsunami flowers will instantly seduce your customers with a deliciously fruity scent. The finest palates will also be able to distinguish a little acrid and pungent aroma, which gives it all its originality! Also note that with their high concentration of CBD, Tsunami flowers are a great help in boosting concentration, and getting rid of the feeling of stress that disturbs sleep. The consumption of CBD Tsunami flowers also helps to fight against inflammatory pain, and to reduce nausea!

From organic farming, this product has been subject to numerous controls, and their components are all perfectly traceable.

With a THC level of less than 0.2%, CBD Tsunami flowers can be marketed and consumed legally!

To allow you to make the most of the sale of CBD Tsunami flowers, we offer you the most advantageous wholesale prices.

Indeed, this product is available at the exceptional price of less than one euro per gram, and it is also decreasing! In other words, the more you buy, the more the price per gram decreases, which is ideal for making your order profitable: the price per gram will be lower for an order less than or equal to 1000 euros, so don't wait any longer!

Additional Information


100 Grams


-0,2 %




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