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CBD Oil Essential Sweet Nights

Do you have the impression of being constantly tense and this disturbs the quality of your nights? Find the tranquility of your sleep thanks to

CBD Oil Essential Sweet Nights from VERASENS laboratories!

Combination of natural active ingredients
Marjoram essential oil
Suitable for sleep disorders


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Product Description

CBD Oil Essential Sweet Nights

from VERASENS laboratories gives you many benefits and allows you to relieve your feeling of discomfort for a more peaceful sleep than ever!

With the Sweet Night essential oil, you have the possibility to fight effectively against sleep problems: it is composed of a natural combination of active ingredients recognized for their action on sleep.

Indeed, its action is made possible thanks to its unique composition, bringing together different natural active ingredients: this product contains in particular hemp maceration oil associated with CBD, one of the most effective cannabinoids on sleep disorders. But above all, it contains Marjoram essential oil, which is recognized as one of the most effective essential oils for maintaining quality sleep and optimal relaxation... A subtle and ingenious combination, which will significantly improve your feeling of well-being. -to be everyday!

A real solution against restless nights, Sweet Nights CBD essential oil has a 100% natural composition.

It contains in particular hemp, which is now increasingly used in the wellness market. Its relaxing and calming virtues are now recognized, in particular thanks to the action of CBD (Cannabidiol) but also to its healthy, nutritious and complete contribution.

The Sweet Nights essential oil also contains vanilla extracts, very useful for promoting muscle recovery, and marjoram, which will make you benefit from its relaxing and restful properties.

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