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CBD Oil for Sport

WORKOUT CBD Oil for Sport  from WEASY laboratories combines 5 vegetable and essential oils to provide athletes with nutritional benefits adapted to their practice.


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Product Description

CBD Oil for Sport

WEASY laboratories offer Sport WORKOUT CBD oil: an oil with Cannabidiol, adapted to the needs of athletes, professionals and amateurs. New on the European market, this CBD oil allows you to benefit from the benefits of CBD while strengthening its action thanks to the nutritional contribution of 4 vegetable oils and an essential oil, specially selected for their nutritional benefits. This CBD oil is also suitable for those who cannot stand the taste of olive oil or hemp seed oil.

Sport WORKOUT Weasy CBD Oil combines several organic vegetable and essential oils with high quality CBD-rich hemp extract: Grown in Europe, this hemp is extracted to get the most out of it. The CBD-rich hemp extract available in this product contains all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids found in hemp: this enhances the action of CBD, and has also provided benefits that have been recognized for thousands of years. Of course, this product does not contain THC, which gives it its legality in France and in Europe, and guarantees you not to have any surprises in the anti-doping test.

This CBD Oil for Sport also contains 4 organic vegetable oils and an organic essential oil, to perfect its benefits and provide natural ingredients essential to our good health and especially that of the athlete:

Organic hemp seed oil: it contains omega-3 and 6 acids in large numbers (20 and 60%), in addition to saturated fatty acids very beneficial for health
Organic avocado oil: vegetable oil for runners, it contains vitamin F and a high percentage of oleic acid
Organic coconut oil: highly prized by athletes, it contains nearly 87% saturated fatty acids, and medium chain triglycerides
Organic Brazil Nut Oil: Important Source of Superior Quality Selenium and Magnesium
Turmeric essential oil: the most recognized natural anti-inflammatory

At Hexagone Vert, we support the sport & cbd association: nearly 15 professional athletes trust us for their preparation for training and matches or fights. This CBD oil is therefore the oil that is used by all of our athletes, professionals or amateurs.

In addition, this CBD Oil for Sport contains a natural red fruit aroma, so you can enjoy a real moment of tasting, in addition to enjoying the benefits of CBD.

As a reminder, CBD was authorized by the world anti-doping agency in January 2018.

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Aceite Semillas de Cañamo, Omega 3, Omega 6



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