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CBD Oil Gold 20%

Find Natureight 20% CBD oil: an organic hemp seed oil combined with high quality CBD extract


Product Description

NATUREIGHT laboratories were selected by Hexagone Vert because they use a unique low-temperature CBD extraction process: their products therefore contain a greater amount of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids than others. In this version, GOLD 20% CBD Oil allows you to enjoy a strong and intense intake of Cannabidiol.

From seed to finished product, NATUREIGHT laboratories have mastered their process and production since their creation. The hemp used to extract the CBD is an organic European hemp, which is analyzed and checked to confirm that it does not contain traces of heavy metals, fertilizers or pesticides.

Thanks to a unique CBD extraction process, the products offered by NATUREIGHT laboratories are among the most complete and efficient on the market: their CBD extraction system from hemp does not exceed 72 ° C, which gives much greater amount of active natural components to this CBD extract. These enhance the action of CBD and are known for their benefits.

In order to reinforce the assimilation of the hemp extract rich in CBD, the 20% GOLD CBD oil is composed of an organic hemp seed oil, also recognized for its nutritional contributions essential for the proper functioning of the organism. .

Of course, this product does not contain traces of THC: it is therefore perfectly legal in France, and everywhere in Europe. Thanks to its dropper dosing bottle, perfectly dose your CBD intake, according to your needs, wherever you go.

Contains all the natural properties of hemp
Cannabinoids: CBD, CBG, CBC, etc.
Natural terpenes and flavonoids (no added), omega3,6,9

Use, Composition, Information and downloadable documents of CBD Oil 20% NATUREIGHT
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