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CBD Oil Meladream 400mg

Spend peaceful nights with CBD Oil Meladream!

Weasy Laboratories offers you CBD Oil Meladream specially designed to improve the quality of your sleep and promote your fall asleep phase. Between stress, work, transport, screens, there are many reasons that disrupt the sleep phase.


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Product Description

CBD Oil Meladream – Sleep addresses your specific sleep-related needs.

The latter is ideal for those wishing to fight against insomnia and improve their quality of sleep. In this sense, many researchers attribute to cannabidiol various soothing virtues and thus constitutes a very effective alternative to help you find peaceful nights. In a completely natural way, CBD interacts directly with the endocannabinoid system by reducing neuronal intensity which helps reduce stress, anxiety, pain etc.

The WEASY laboratories accompanies the CBD with Melatonin for an optimum and natural formula, perfect to find a regular and really restful sleep.

Your body will therefore regain an internal balance thanks to the cannabidiol which will promote homeostasis. Your body and your mind will be able to find the necessary serenity, for a faster fall asleep and a better sleep! It is advisable to take 0.2ml once, 15 minutes before going to bed. Do not exceed the dose recommended on the label

Cultivated in Europe in a natural way (no use of pesticides, chemicals or other heavy metals), the hemp used by WEASY laboratories is selected before being extracted with Supercritical C02: the healthiest and most efficient extraction method. more natural to be able to benefit from the advantages of plants. Likewise, all the products offered by this brand do not contain THC and fully comply with French legislation.

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400 mg

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10 ml


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