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Cibdol CBG-CBD Oil

CBG Oil: CBD Cibdol is available in two strengths to combine CBD and CBG.


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Product Description

Taking the entourage effect to a whole new level, our CBD Oil: CBG will fuel your wellness experience. Now you can experience the comprehensive influence of these two cannabinoids in a balanced formula. With the full spectrum of terpenes, antioxidants, plant protein and more, boost your well-being with ease.

The perfect combination for improved well-being
By seizing the synergistic potential of cannabinoids, we have established the perfect partnership with our CBD Oil: CBG. Being present in equal concentrations, these compounds work in unison to support your body from head to toe.

With a solid base of THC-free hemp seed oil that is highly nutritious on top of being full spectrum, we left nothing to chance. You can consume this incredibly versatile oil without fear of possible side effects.

By using the techniques at the forefront of technology in our laboratories, we have been able to use our expertise to offer you a powerful combination with enhanced effects. As you would expect with Cibdol, every part of this unique formula is checked through independent testing for total peace of mind.

For a cannabinoid-enriched wellness experience, choose CBD Oil: CBG Cibdol in 2.5% CBD + 2.5% CBG or 2.5% CBD + 5% CBG version

How to consume CBD Oil: CBG:
We recommend that you place 3 to 4 drops under the tongue. Wait a minute before swallowing. Repeat this process up to 3 times a day at an interval that is convenient for you.

CBD Oil: CBG is a perishable product so for best results after opening, store in a cool, dry place protected from light.

Additional Information

CBD (%)

2.5 %

Mililitros (ml)

10 ml


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