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Elixir CBD Oil for Joint

Do you want to take care of your immune system and your joints in a 100% natural and effective way?

There is nothing like our Elixir CBD Oil for Joint!
  • Combination of natural active ingredients
  • Juniper & Ginger essential oil
  • To soothe body and mind


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Product Description

Elixir CBD Oil for Joint

Composed exclusively of natural products, the CBD essential oil Joint Elixir offered by VERASENS is a real must-have for helping to maintain normal muscle structure and function*.

Indeed, this product helps you to fight effectively against the feeling of joint discomfort, like the aches that can sometimes be felt after a sporting effort and which are very painful! You will be able to relieve these, while preserving your bones and the functioning of your muscles as well as possible!

With its natural components, the CBD essential oil Elixir Articulaire has a direct action on the protection of the muscles and the articular system. This product includes, for example, hemp maceration oil, CBD, but also essential oils of ginger, juniper, and coconut oil. It is also rich in vitamin C and E, which allow it to boost your immune system in any season!

Like the best ancestral remedies, the components of the Elixir Articulaire essential oil are totally natural, and allow your body to benefit from their many virtues:

juniper essential oil, which replenishes vitality while warming the body
ginger essential oil, recognized as one of the most powerful antioxidants, also helps relieve body tension
hemp seed oil (providing a high level of fatty acids) associated with one of the most effective cannabinoids: CBD
a vanilla extract that facilitates muscle recovery

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*Vitamin D3

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