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Hemp Oil 30% CBD MANNA

They are already here! Each bottle of Manna Hemp Oil 30 contains 3000mg (30%) of CBD oil and is made in the most natural way, without preservatives, without additives and obtained from a crop free of pesticides and herbicides. Gluten free and vegan.


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Product Description

Our hemp oil with CBD drops is an extract from the buds of hemp sativa with a high percentage of cannabidiol (CBD), obtained through modern extraction methods,

which releases a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial components of hemp sativa. .

The organic hemp used is organically grown, hand-picked and naturally dried. This product contains exclusively the complex extract of hemp flowers (which does not contain THC, the psychoactive principle),

and hemp seed oil, including 5%, 20%, 30% and 40% CBD.

No dyes, flavors or preservatives Completely vegan and gluten free.

We have an exhaustive control of the traceability of the product: From the certified seed to the packaging and sale to the client so that they can enjoy the product.


It is advisable to start with a dose of 9 drops a day and, from the first week, the effects will be observed, if this is not the case,

it is necessary to contact our specialists to reassess the increase in intake, taking into account, weight , height and age.


Each 10ml presentation of this product contains:
  • Hemp Seed Oil 10ml (70%)
  • Hemp extract 3000mg CBD (30%)


Store this product in a cool place and without exposure to sunlight. This oil can be refrigerated.

Enjoy yourself. Enjoy with Manna

Additional Information

CBD (%)

30 %


-0,2 %

Mililitros (ml)

10 ml



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