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Instant Zen CBD Oil Essential

Do you need to take a breather to forget the pressure of everyday life? Our Instant Zen essential oil brings you the serenity you need, in a 100% natural way!

  • Combination of natural active ingredients
  • Sage essential oil
  • Contributes to well-being


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Product Description

Instant Zen CBD Oil by Verasens

With its soothing and relaxing properties, Instant Zen CBD essential oil is the product you need to improve your psychological well-being and relieve your feeling of stress: it is made up of different natural active ingredients such as essential Sage or CBD (Cannabidiol)

A unique and 100% natural composition: Instant Zen essential oil contains hemp, known for its relaxing and soothing properties, thanks to the action of CBD. It is the ideal ally to regain a feeling of calm, because it allows the body to relax by relieving its various discomforts.

This product also contains vanilla extract, which promotes effort and optimizes muscle recovery, but also sage essential oil, very useful for relaxing and contributing to mental well-being.

Thanks to a perfect combination of what nature has done best to relax, both physically and psychologically, CBD Instant Zen essential oil from VERASENS laboratories contributes to mental well-being and helps maintain concentration, memory and cognitive function during age-related decline*.

Of course, this product is completely legal because it contains no traces of THC.

Use, Composition, Information and documents to download of Essential Oil with CBD Instant Zen VERASENS

You can find in the various tabs above (Use, Composition, Information and Documents to download) the various information available on this product as to its use, its content, its information and also the certificates of analysis and related documents.

*Sage essential oil

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