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CBD Herbal Tea – Vitality

CBD Herbal Tea Vitality herbal tea is ideal for those who want to regain energy and vitality naturally.


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Product Description

CBD Vitality herbal tea is ideal for those who want to regain energy and vitality naturally. Our laboratories have specially designed the vitalizing herbal tea using a unique spraying method offering you a drink combining plants known for their action on energy, with the contributions of Cannabidiol. Our Vitality herbal tea is then composed of CBD and a variety of gourmet plants for a delicious sensation of freshness to energize your day. Its delicately prepared composition brings together a mixture with multiple virtues recognized for their action on the body: Green tea Mate Lemongrass Lemon Guarana Cornflower Stevia Hemp You can now fill up on vitality and well-being with our herbal tea with healthy and gourmet scents whenever you taste it. Thanks to its airtight box, you can transport it in any circumstance for a guaranteed feeling of freshness. Our spray method ensures that the CBD content is consistent with each teaspoon of tea used. A technique that guarantees you a vitalizing effect at each of your tea breaks! Likewise, like all the products in the ASABIO range, the ingredients used to produce this CBD herbal tea are 100% organic: they come from natural cultivation, fully respecting the environment and nature, without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. To enjoy an infusion of CBD Vitality ASABIO, nothing could be simpler: just infuse a teaspoon (provided in the product) in 50cl of water for 4 to 5 minutes. Filter, then quietly savor your herbal tea, whether hot or cold! The herbal tea of ​​CBD-Vitalié ASABIO is legal in France and in Europe: our herbal teas made by our Asabio laboratories fully comply with the legislation in force on hemp & in no case offer a psychotropic effect. Use, Composition, Information and downloadable documents of CBD Vitality herbal teas ASABIO You can find in the different tabs above (Use, Composition, Information and Documents to download) the various information available on this product regarding its use, its content, its information and also the analysis certificates and related documents.

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