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Sleep CBD Herbal Tea

ASABIO Sleep CBD herbal tea combines the action of CBD with those of many organic plants and fruits to restore deep and restful sleep.


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Product Description

If you're having trouble falling asleep or enjoying deep, restful sleep, CBD herbal teas. Sleep offered by ASABIO laboratories are perfectly suited to your needs. Thanks to a tasty combination of Cannabidiol and different organic plants or fruits, enjoy what nature has done best to regain sleep in the form of an infusion.

Made using the spray method, CBD - Sleep herbal tea allows you to provide the necessary needs for your relaxation. The CBD present in this ASABIO infusion comes from European hemp cultivated with respect for nature: it contains all the active ingredients of hemp, a plant with ancestral uses.

Our 100% organic herbal tea offers you a tasty combination of CBD, various aromatic plants and fruits known to promote sleep:

Rose hip
Black pepper
Pepper mint
Its subtle taste will give you a moment of rest and relaxation just before going to bed. To enjoy it, it's very simple: boil one teaspoon of ASABIO (provided in the product) for 3 to 4 minutes, then strain it and pour into a cup. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits that nature has made available to improve your sleep and rest, in a completely natural way.

In addition, they are very practical to use: available in an airtight transport box, and contain their own spoon to precisely dose your herbal tea (each CBD Vitalité herbal tea contains 16mg of CBD).

Note that our herbal teas are of course fully legal in France and in Europe and fully comply with the legislation in force on hemp & in no way offer a psychotropic effect.

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