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Asabio Revitalizing and moisturizing cream

Strengthen and hydrate your skin with the combined natural action of CBD, hemp seed oil and Sicilian lemon


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Product Description

Asabio Revitalizing and moisturizing cream

Our skin is regularly subjected to various external aggressions, and it is important to relieve it thanks to products made available by nature. If your skin is damaged or dried out, the revitalizing and moisturizing cream developed by ASABIO laboratories is the ideal product.

Known for thousands of years for its beneficial action on the skin, organic hemp seed oil strengthens the skin thanks to its high content of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other proteins. Natural moisturizer, the effects of hemp are reinforced thanks to the presence of Cannabidiol (CBD), a molecule increasingly studied and recognized for its antioxidant action, but also for its powerful regenerating power.

To complement the action of the revitalizing and moisturizing cream, ASABIO has incorporated organic Sicilian lemon extract into its natural formulation: its significant contribution of Vitamin C makes it possible to fight effectively against aging of the skin.

All ASABIO products are 100% organic: they only offer ingredients from organic farming, respecting the environment and its farmers.

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140 mg

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45 ml


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