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CBD Hydration cream Enecta

ENECTA CBD Hydration cream moisturizer combines CBD with natural plant extracts to quickly hydrate and relieve your skin, in a natural way

  • Content : 50 ml
  • CBD : 350 mg


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Product Description

In order to deeply hydrate your skin, the CBD hydration cream from ENECTA laboratories is the most suitable product. By combining the action of CBD with other natural ingredients, enjoy the benefits of hemp and cannabinoids to relieve your skin and protect it from attacks.

In addition to the fortifying and repairing action of CBD, the most popular natural molecule in cosmetics today, this ENECTA moisturizer also offers the following products:

Vegetable hyaluronic acid: the “cement” of the skin, which makes it possible to hydrate but also to lift your epidermis
Beet extract: it stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid by your body
Fuctooligosaccarides: a sugar originating in fruits, which helps hydrate deeply
Natural vitamin E: it contains a high level of antioxidant tocopherols, derived from sunflower oil
In this product, you can enjoy 350mg of CBD built into this 50ml jar of CBD hydration cream. Completely legal in France because without a trace of THC, you can transport it wherever you want to enjoy its benefits no matter where you are.

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350 mg

Mililitros (ml)

50 ml


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