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Cibdol Soridol – Psoriasis & itching

SORIDOL CBD Cream from Cibdol is a perfect blend to fight psoriasis in a natural way.


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Product Description

With CBD from organic European hemp grown in Switzerland, Cibdol offers a combination of active ingredients enhanced by a liposome formula for maximum effectiveness of action on all layers of the skin. SORIDOL CBD Psoriasis and Itching Cream from Cibdol is one of the 4 local applications offered by Cibdol:

In order to ensure proper cell growth, CBD is combined with fatty acids, vitamins and Berbedin. It thus makes it possible to strengthen the composition and the skin protection system, avoiding all attacks due to chemical ingredients.

Psoriasis decreases the multiplication of so-called healthy cells, which is why Cibdol has added vitamin A to SORIDOL, which is beneficial for the proliferation of the latter. As for fatty acids, they keep the skin moist and well hydrated.

In each Cibdol cream, the liposomal formula is used: the liposomes allow the active ingredients to be surrounded and transported to the depths of the different layers of the skin, allowing in-depth effectiveness, unlike many other products.

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