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Double action cream for epidermis and redness

Relieve your skin thanks to the combined natural action of Hemp, CBD and Aloe Vera


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Product Description

Double action cream for epidermis and redness

When your skin is inflamed, it can cause redness and other itchy skin to appear. To relieve it quickly, it is important to hydrate it deeply using products from nature: they do not cause any side effects and do not dry out the skin. ASABIO laboratories have created the double action epidermis and redness cream, in order to relieve these inflammations and strengthen the epidermis without using chemicals.

First, hemp seed oil, thanks to its high content of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids, will deeply hydrate the epidermis to make it smoother and more radiant, while reducing inflammation. cutaneous. Then, in order to strengthen the intake of hemp, CBD (Cannabidiol), a cannabinoid increasingly recognized and studied for its antioxidant and regenerating action, will allow the skin to decrease inflammation and return to a normal state. CBD is also studied and used for its action on eczema and psoriasis: it can effectively fight and relieve the pain caused by these two skin diseases.

In this double action cream, ASABIO laboratories have also incorporated organically grown aloe vera: it is the most effective plant for consolidating the constitution of the epidermis, and giving your skin all its natural beauty.

All the products used to make this double action skin and redness cream are from organic farming and are certified by an independent European laboratory.

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