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Repairing cream for hands and nails

By combining shea butter and hemp, repair the skin of your hands and nails in a natural way.


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Product Description

Asabio Repairing cream for hands and nails

Your hands are subject to physical assault and stress throughout the day. To be able to relieve their epidermis and regain radiant and smooth skin, ASABIO laboratories have created the 100% organic hand and nail repair cream. Rich and oily, this cream takes care of your hands and nails, in a completely natural way.

In order to relieve the epidermis of your hands and repair your nails, hemp seed oil, thanks to its high content of fatty acids, proteins, minerals and other vitamins, deeply hydrates your hands. Reinforced by the action of Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the other strengths of hemp, this repairing hand and nail cream allows your cells to regenerate more quickly, and regain clear and healthy skin, without adding any chemical ingredients. CBD is also known to be an excellent anti-oxidant, complementing the action of hemp seed oil.

In addition, this product contains organic shea butter: it is one of nature’s assets most used around the world to provide a significant amount of fatty acids. Its calming and moisturizing power helps strengthen and repair hands and nails.

All the ingredients used in ASABIO Hand and Nail Repair Cream are 100% organic: they were grown by environmentally friendly European farmers.

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