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Enecta Anti Aging CBD Cream

Take advantage of what nature has done best to relieve and fight against aging of the epidermis with Enecta Anti Aging CBD Cream


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Product Description

Your skin can be subjected to many attacks, but also to aging. There are many products on the market to relieve and fight against aging of the skin, but there are many that use chemical ingredients that have significant side effects.

ENECTA's Anti-Aging CBD Cream is the perfect natural alternative for anyone who wants to benefit their skin from all the forces of nature.

It is composed of a combination of jojoba oil, coconut oil, hemp seeds, but also CBD, and very rich in Vitamin C and E. Powerful anti-oxidant, CBD is recognized as one of the major ingredients of today's natural cosmetics. Thanks to the action of natural oils, deeply hydrate your skin and restore vitality and softness.

Etherified vitamin C: powerful antioxidant increasing collagen production and slowing brown spots
Jojoba oil: powerful natural moisturizer, this oil also protects it from the sun and air particles
Coconut oil: making your skin soft and voluptuous, its nutrients restore sebum
Natural vitamin E: from sunflower oil, one of the most powerful natural antioxidants in existence
In the anti-aging CBD cream, you will find 700 mg of CBD: an important contribution to make your skin benefit from all the benefits of Cannabidiol.

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