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Fenix MINI Vaporizer for dried hemp

Fenix MINI is a portable vaporizer that is distinguished by the high quality of its materials. Heating dried food is done in a hybrid manner, with convection (heating with hot air) taking precedence over conduction (heating through the walls of the heating chamber). One of the advantages of this small vaporizer is its low price.


Product Description

Fenix MINI Vaporizer for dried hemp

Fenix Mini is a small hybrid vaporizer with a predominance of convection.

Temperature range 160-221°C with the possibility of setting the temperature with an accuracy of 1°C.

The capacity of the chamber is 0.1-0.15 g of dried CBD.

Fenix MINI is a portable vaporizer that is distinguished by the high quality of its materials. Heating dried food is done in a hybrid manner, with convection (heating with hot air) taking precedence over conduction (heating through the walls of the heating chamber). One of the advantages of this small vaporizer is its low price.

The device has a clear OLED display at the top where the user can see the current battery level, operating temperature, and how much time is left until the session ends.

The hybrid heating chamber made of aluminum produces high-quality steam, allowing you to enjoy longer sessions and save money on dried fruit.

The Fenix MINI is a very discreet device due to its matte black housing and the size of the vaporizer, which allows it to be hidden in a closed hand. You can carry them with you and inhale them in public places without fear of being stared at.

MINI Fenix – package contents
When buying a new product, in the set you get:

  • mini vaporizer Fenix
  • USB cable for charging the battery
  • a spare gasket with a strainer
  • tweezers
  • quartz cartridge for vaporization of concentrates
  • dried rammer
  • cleaning brush
  • user manual in Polish

mini Fenix – how to use?

The Fenix MINI’s heating system is designed to be as efficient as possible. The heating element is installed underneath the aluminum dry chamber. When the vaporizer is turned on, air is drawn into the case through the holes at the bottom. When heated by the heating element, this air flows through the chamber. As a result, Fenix MINI combines the best features of the two methods of heating dried fruit.

The vaporization process is as simple as possible.

To begin, place a portion (0.1 g) of medium ground dried food inside the chamber.
After pressing the button five times, the device will be turned on. The desired operating temperature must then be set. Fenix MINI will begin heating the dried food automatically (it is recommended that novice users start at lower temperatures to gradually increase them as they get used to it).
Long, several-second inhalations should be used when inhaling (this makes the dried person have longer contact with the heated air).
The device should cool down after vaporization. If this occurs, the chamber must be cleaned.
Charging hints
The manufacturer chose a non-replaceable lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 1600 mAh for this model. It will provide 50 minutes of work with standard use, which is a relatively good value given the device’s size. With the included micro-USB cable, you can charge the cell from a laptop or powerbank. After about 90 minutes, the battery will be fully charged.

MINI Fenix – what to avoid?

The Fenix mini is a very simple device, and its simple design makes it one of the more long-lasting vaporizers on the market. It is difficult to ruin something when using the product as intended. However, excessive soiling should be avoided. Regular inspection of components such as strainers and filters will allow the user to enjoy many years of trouble-free operation of the device.

IMPORTANT! The vaporizer is intended for dried and concentrated materials. CBD oil should not be vaporized under any circumstances. It is an extract derived from cooking oil. These products are intended for oral consumption. When used in a vaporizer, they can cause severe lung disease and other serious health problems.

How do I clean my MINI Fenix ?

Before cleaning, the device should be allowed to cool.

Because of water vapor condensation, each vaporizer should be cleaned on a regular basis. For this purpose, the manufacturer recommends using isopropyl alcohol (ISO) at 99% concentration. Clean the heating chamber as well as the entire path that the steam takes until it exits the device. To effectively clean the nooks and crannies, it is recommended to use a cotton bud, which should be wet in ISO and gently dried with a paper towel before gently rubbing the areas where dirt accumulates.

Filters, strainers, and a mouthpiece are the vaporizer’s most vulnerable to dirt deposition. As a result, they require the most attention. Negligence will result in the strainer sealing, which will reduce the device’s effectiveness.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If possible, use isopropyl alcohol in well-ventilated rooms or outdoors (balcony, garden, terrace). Furthermore, because ISO is a highly flammable and volatile agent, it must be kept away from fires.

After cleaning, Fenix mini should be left for a while to allow the remaining alcohol to evaporate. It could take several hours. Before the next use, the maximum temperature in the device must be set, which will eventually remove any remnants of the cleaning agent.

What is the temperature of the mini Fenix?

The temperature setting system allows it to be adjusted smoothly every one degree between 160 and 221 ° C. Because heating occurs instantly, the device is ready to use in about 30 seconds. The Fenix MINI’s operating temperature allows it to use the most common types of dried fruit.

Fenix MINI Reviews
User reviews are unequivocally positive. The feature most often indicated as the biggest advantage is the ideal value for money. Fenix MINI is the best vaporizer in its price category. In addition, what speaks in favor of buying the Fenix MINI are also compact dimensions, excellent cloud quality and heating speed as well as efficiency that allows you to save on dried fruit.

Minor inconveniences are mentioned by a small percentage of Fenix MINI users. The first is related to the quartz cartridge used for concentrate vaporization. Although the MINI vaporizer Fenix can handle both dried and concentrated concentrates, practice has shown that the latter does not work well with the quartz cartridge.

The second minus is the non-replaceable battery, although this is not a bothersome drawback.

However, the MINI Fenix has so many positive features that these small nuances cease to matter.

mini Fenix – is it worth it?

The excellent value for money makes the MINI Fenix in high demand among lovers of dried CBD. Its positive reviews are also influenced by a number of the following advantages:

robust construction for durability;
heating chamber made of anodized aluminum;
ease and intuitive operation (only 3 buttons and display);
smooth temperature control;
onvection and conductive heating system;
high quality, density and size of clouds
small size for discretion
optimal battery life in relation to the size of the device
high-resolution display
rich taste of steam
fast heating
MINI Fenix – technical specification
Heating chamber aluminium
Dimensions 5cm x 8cm x 2,5cm
Battery 1600 mAh battery
Temperature range 160-221°C
Warm-up time 30 seconds
Working time up to 50 minutes
Battery charging time ~90 minutes
Temperature control manual, every 1 degree
Chamber capacity 0.1-0.15 g
Vaporization method Hybrid
Charging method micro-USB
Compatibility herbs and concentrates
Warranty 2 years

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